All human being share so much in common with each others and yet everyone of us is utterly unique. What is the source of our endlessly variable individuality? What drives the development of our personality from newborn to adult? Do we come to the world without identity? And do we actually have a clearly defined selfhood as adult? What are our perceptions about the individualism of the others, and more importantly about ourselves?

Sandra Baía ( 1968, Lisbon -Portugal) spent a childhood between Angola, Mozambique and South Africa, coming  back to Lisbon in 1977 where she still lives and works. After finishing the upper secondary school, the conditions and opportunities for her artistic career were found. After two years of Painting and Drawing courses in the National Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon she grew apart from the conventional academic education becoming autodidactic and being highly inspired while she worked in João Cristóvão’s studio.